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Anti-Aging Skin Care System

Why use New Youth Skin Care? Because it is truly an Anti-Aging Skin Care System!

New Youth was one of the first Anti-Aging Skin Care Systems in the USA that is considered an anti-glycation product line. Glycation causes premature aging and volume loss of the face.

Developed by a physician to reverse skin damage at a cellular level.

Created by Dr. E Ronald Finger, the New Youth Anti-Aging Skin Care System delivers superior results.

Anti-Aging Skin Care System In 1996, Dr. Finger set out to create a new order in the world of skincare. His experience and dedicated research fueled his focus on repair, protection, and rejuvenation using a proprietary combination of anti-inflammatory, anti-glycation, and whole food nutrients. With that, New Youth became one of the first doctor-pioneered cosmeceuticals in the United States, soon gaining popularity with patients and anti-aging skin care enthusiasts across the country.

Today, the revolutionary “New Youth Skin Treatment System” retains its founding principles: to address the root causes of the aging process, and to uncover healthier skin. In the Anti-Aging industry populated by quick fixes, New Youth is an enduring solution.

What can the New Youth Skin Treatment System Kit Do For Your Anti-Aging Skin Care?

New Youth Anti-Aging Skin Care contains anti-glycation, and Glycation causes sagging skin, wrinkles, hardening of the arteries, heart disease, strokes, cataracts, and much more. Glycation is bad! Anti-glycation ingredients have been dramatically increased.

New Youth Cosmeceuticals were the first products with anti-glycation ingredients. You can expect even more tightening of the skin and reduced wrinkles. Glycation is suspected to be caused by bad diet, too much sugar, and preservatives and is almost impossible to prevent. Anti-glycation ingredients are found in various whole food ingredients, that are included in New Youth Cosmeceuticals.

Why use this Anti-Aging Skin Care System versus what is sold by expensive vendors in department stores?

New Youth Cosmeceuticals were one of the first products with anti-glycation ingredients developed by Dr. Finger almost 20 years ago. After doing Facelifts, Dr. E Ronald Finger found that patients still had fine lines, wrinkles and overall unhealthy and sun damaged skin. Dr. Finger decided that he needed to develop a skin care system that had to do the following:

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Try our New Youth Skin Care – The Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatment System that truly reverses the damage and repairs the skin.

To help protect skin from oxidation and inflammation, all anti-aging goals, Cat’s Claw, Green Tea, and Fennel Extracts were all increased. Cat’s Claw also has been proven to repair DNA. The result will be even more youthful skin. Cat’s Claw has been proven to repair skin on a cellular level and works on reversing skin damage. The result will be achieving the seemingly impossible…GROW YOUNG FOREVER!!

The New Youth Skin Treatment Kit will kickstart your anti-aging skin care regimen for years to come. The New Youth Skin Treatment Kit includes everything you need for your anti aging skin care

  1. Cleanser – mild, non-drying, a complete cleanser that removes stubborn makeup. It leaves skin feeling refreshed.
  2. Activator – retards acne, pigment stabilizer, exfoliator, allows other products to penetrate deeply into the skin.
  3. Moisturizer – designed for light moisturization with natural ingredients including Japanese green tea. Formulated with Micro Zinc, a new microfine form of zinc oxide that is truly transparent on the skin.
  4. Fade Serum – contains four synergistic pigment stabilizers to reduce age spots, pregnancy mask, age spots. Less irritation. Stronger than most prescription bleachers.
  5. Retinol Silk – retinol in microsponges for timed release and better penetration, less irritation and no skin flaking. It helps with fine wrinkles and large pores
  6. Anti-inflammatory Cream – true anti-aging complex. Contains numerous antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, whole food nutrients and vitamins, ingredients for cell repair and restoration such as Cat’s claw, Russian black tea, Marine algae extract, and now Resveratrol.
  7. Age Control Serum – AM serum for all day protection against oxidation and environmental damage. Highly concentrated vitamin B for cell repair with many ingredients found in the Anti-inflammatory cream, i.e., Marine algae extract, MAPP, and other nutrients, including Resveratrol.


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E. Ronald Finger MD, FACS