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New Youth Anti-Aging Skin Care System


How To Use The System

Our New Youth products were designed to work together. While each New Youth product carries individual value, the collective benefit of the treatment system is exponentially magnified. The system is quick and easy to use – in fact, New Youth loyalists say it’s part of their routine, like “brushing their teeth”.

Morning and Night

Of the seven products in the basic New Youth kit the first three follow the same routine morning and night:

1. Cleanser – wash face to remove makeup

2. Activator – use on a cotton pad and apply pressure according to your skin sensitivity. First time users, use once a day or even every other day and work up to twice a day.

3. Fade Vitamin C Serum– apply a few drops to reduce pigmentation spots

For the AM regimen, add the following to the first three steps:

4. Age Control Serum – apply a few drops to face after the Fade Serum.

5. Moisturizer SPF 50 tinted or non tinted  – Our broad spectrum mineral based SPF 50 is waterproof up to 80 minutes. Remember a little goes a long way. It is ideal for sensitive skin, too.

For the PM regimen, add the following to the first three steps:

4. Anti-Aging Cream

5. Retinol Silk – usually one capsule will cover the face and neck. First-time users start twice a week and work up to once a day or even twice a day.

Integrate this two-minute regimen into your daily and nightly routine, and you will see dramatic benefits within weeks. Necessary adjustments may include less frequent Retinol Silk use for sensitive skin, especially during the summer season.  Retinol reduces wrinkles and fine lines but causes photo-sensitivity (avoid direct sun exposure without SPF).

New Youth Cosmeceuticals for New Users

The New Youth anti aging skin care system was designed to make a difference in your skin. To make changes that you can see and feel, it must contain many ingredients, many of which are both clinically active and powerful. New Youth is designed for non-pregnant people over 18 years old, regardless of their color, sun damage or skin sensitivity and with the exception of anyone with allergies to any of the ingredients.

Because of the vast number of ingredients and near pharmaceutical strength, new users should begin the New Youth Anti-AGing Skin Care System with the following changes:

  1. Activator — use only once a day with a cotton pad at first for a couple of weeks. If no irritation, work up to twice a day. If your primary problem is the presence of pigmentation spots, eventually scrub your face with Activator on the cotton pad following the New Youth Cleanser.
  2. Retinol Silk — new users that have never used Retin-A should apply this product twice a week. If no irritation, then try to reach the goal of once a day applications. We have many patients with moderate to severe sun damage that uses Retinol Silk twice a day.
  3. If while using the New Youth Anti-Aging Skin Care System your skin becomes irritated, you can reduce the above-mentioned products as needed.
  4. If you feel your skin is too dry, we suggest you wait for a few weeks until your skin acclimates (we call it “detoxing). Add New Youth Hydrating Serum if this is a continual problem.

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