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Frequently Asked Questions

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New Youth Skin Care FAQs


Dr. E Ronald Finger- New Youth Skin Care FAQs

Dr. E. Ronald Finger is the founder of New Youth Skin Care. Dr. Finger resides in Savannah Georgia. He has been a board certified Plastic Surgeon for over 30 Years, he was the first board certified Plastic Surgeon in the Savannah area.

  • How New Youth works
  • What results to expect
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Age spots
  • Acne
  • Shelf life of products
  • Ingredients
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • How New Youth differs from other cosmeceutical lines





Q. Does New Youth strengthen the skin’s protective layer?

New Youth Skin Care FAQs

Yes. It has active ingredients that thicken both the dermis and epidermis as well as increase the blood supply to the skin. This helps to provide nutrient supply to the skin and allows the removal of the cell’s waste products.

Q. How does the New Youth Skin Treatment System work? 

New Youth Skin Care FAQs

New Youth is a system of several synergistic products, and it works in many different ways. Think of it this way: you could take a multitude of nutrients and vitamins, or a single or couple of vitamins. New Youth actually has nutrients too numerous to count because of the whole food ingredients, such as marine algae extracts and herbs from many parts of the world. These were carefully selected to repair cells that produce your skin, collagen, and elastin as well as remove certain unwanted debris from the skin.

Q. Besides increasing the protective layer, what does New Youth do?

New Youth Skin Care FAQs

New Youth reduces age spots, tightens the skin, reduces pores and fine wrinkles, and gives the skin a more youthful color and appearance.

Q. How does New Youth accomplish this?

New Youth Skin Care FAQs

It tightens the skin by using ingredients that remove debris from the elastin fibers caused by glycation. This allows the elastin fibers to contract and basically shrink, which tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles. It also removes this debris (advanced glycation end products) from collagen, immunoglobulins, enzymes and other large molecules which are harmful to the skin.
 In addition, New Youth has ingredients which have been shown to repair DNA, turn on youth genes, and repair the damaged cells that produce the skin. All of the ingredients are necessary to accomplish these results.

New Youth Skin Care FAQs

Q. Is a moisturizer necessary when using New Youth?

New Youth Skin Care FAQs

Not usually because New Youth causes the skin to produce more of its natural moisturizer. However, some people require extra moisturizing. For this, New Youth Hydrating Serum is available which contains hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturizer.

Q. Can New Youth cause irritation to the skin?

New Youth Skin Care FAQs

Yes. Occasionally a person will get irritation, which we consider “detoxing.” Instructions come with the New Youth kit explaining how to diminish this effect. Eventually, all of the products in the kit can be used once the skin is in better condition.

Q. Is New Youth good for sensitive skin?

New Youth Skin Care FAQs

Yes, most will have reduced sensitivity after using the product for a few weeks. There are no colors, fragrances or dyes in New Youth. Also, New Youth is good for both dry and oily skin. Healthy skin is neither excessively dry or oily.

Q. Will New Youth aggravate or cause acne?

New Youth Skin Care FAQs

Generally, the New Youth products will reduce acne breakouts. The products are non-comedogenic (no pore clogging ingredients) although some people will produce more sebum initially. The New Youth Cleanser and Activator should help avoid these problems, however. If someone has severe or resistant acne, New Youth has an acne kit which is quite effective in severe acne cases.

Q. Will New Youth diminish brown or pigmentation spots?

New Youth Skin Care FAQs

Yes, several ingredients in the New Youth products are effective in reducing or eliminating these spots. It is best to use the basic seven products to achieve the best results with pigmentation problems as they work synergistically.

Q. What is the shelf life of New Youth products?

New Youth Skin Care FAQs

The shelf life is a minimum of 2 years, although some of the products will last quite a bit longer.

Q. Does New Youth contain hydroquinone?

New Youth Skin Care FAQs

Yes, it is found in our New Youth Fade product at 2%, and also in the Activator, both of which are approved for OTC use. In the Fade serum, it is used in combination with Kojic Acid, and other herbs to reduce abnormal pigmentation spots.

Q. Does New Youth have anti-oxidants?

New Youth Skin Care FAQs

Yes, most are from whole food sources, which we feel are more effective. In addition, our anti-oxidants range from Vitamins to phytonutrients to powerful antioxidants such as SOD (superoxide dismutase) and Resveratrol.

Q. What is different about your Retinol?

New Youth Skin Care FAQs

In New Youth Retinol Silk, the retinol is micro-encapsulated into microscopic sponges, which allows for the retinol to be timed release and more absorbable into the deep dermis. The result is an effective retinol without the usual redness and flaking. Therefore, it works in all layers of the dermis, and it works all day. An effective retinol is important in any skin care regimen.

Q. Does New Youth reduce inflammation?

New Youth Skin Care FAQs

Yes, there are many anti-inflammatory ingredients in New Youth, such as green tea, Resveratrol, uncaring tomentose (cat’s claw), carnosine, vitamins C and E, and various phytonutrients.

Q. Can New Youth be used in someone pregnant or nursing?

New Youth Skin Care FAQs

I would ask your obstetrician about this question. I would avoid the Retinol Silk and the Fade serum. However, you should ask your obstetrician before using the products to be safe.

Q. Why is New Youth Skin Treatment System better than other skin care regimens?

New Youth Skin Care FAQs

New Youth Skin Treatment System is based upon 32 years of experience by a busy plastic surgeon, Dr. Finger, and his research since 1996 in rejuvenating the foundation of the skin, the underlying cells. Necessary ingredients to achieve the goals of more youthful appearance to the skin have been acquired from the Orient to Russia, and to Brazil. Our ingredients are based upon sound scientific studies and great care has been used to create the proper combination of these ingredients for the best results.

Q. Why call New Youth a treatment System?

New Youth Skin Care FAQs

The very word “Treatment” describes the fact that New Youth Skin Treatment System is a cosmeceutical and not simply a skin care line. This means that some of its ingredients are near prescription strength. However, few prescription strength products address as many problems with the skin as New Youth Skin Treatment System because of the number of natural ingredients as well as the fact that they are synergistic. There are many adverse byproducts of metabolism and our environment that result in from aging skin to even skin cancers and these are the problems that we have addressed as opposed to simply peeling and bleaching to improve the appearance of the surface of the skin. Our goal is to repair the damage to the cellular structures. Healthy cells produce healthy skin.

The last word in the name is “System.” New Youth Skin Treatment System is a program containing synergistic ingredients and synergistic products. Each enhances the activities of the others. Every child has beautiful skin. When using the entire program, your skin will revert back to more youthful skin because of all of the problems of aging skin that are addressed, corrected and protected. As a youth, our cells are like plump little grapes and with the damage, they become like raisins. We cannot expect them to produce healthy skin, and they won’t. Click Here to Shop Online

The New Youth Skin Treatment System is the first to use a complete system to attack all of the following Aging problems:


  • Thinning skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Pigmentation problems – from pregnancy, hormones or environment
  • Age spots
  • Inflammation- involved in virtually every disease including those of the skin
  • Rough or scaly skin
  • Poor blood supply
  • Free radicals
  • DNA damage – which may result in cancers
  • Cell damage
  • Glycation – which results in sagging, hardening of the arteries, among many other undesirable effects

Treatment of the above is necessary toward our goal of complete skin rejuvenation. This is a never-ending frontier, however, and we intend to stay on the cutting edge.

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