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New Youth Skin Care
Average rating:  
 30 reviews
 by Ryan L

The New Youth product line has dramatically changed my skin in all the best ways possible. I was suffering from bad acne from wearing a mask 10-12hrs a day. The Activator W/HQ and Perfect Eyes W/Wrinkle Delete are my absolute favorites. My skin is clear and feels and looks amazing. Thank you so much!

 by EJ
Amazing Skin Care

I love this Skincare system, I am 52 and have used it since I was 32, my skin still looks youthful. I really am thankful that this product line exists.

 by Theresa Schoonover
July 9th, 2020 by TS on Rhinoplasty & Lip Lift

May 19th, 2020 Standard Rhinoplasty & Lip Lift

I requested Dr. Finger to perform Rhinoplasty surgery due to a dorsal hump that was on my nose. My request was made after I had a different plastic surgeon perform Rhinoplasty surgery for the same issue a little over a year before, but I could not tell any improvement. During our consultation & examination of my nose, Dr. Finger notice I had a deviated septum as well. He asked me what my desired results were. Dr. Finger not only removed the dorsal hump he corrected my deviated septum. I am so pleased with the results. Not only does my nose look better, I can breathe better.
During my consultation for the Rhinoplasty, I found out about the Lip Lift procedure. This was something that I was very interested in. Both the Rhinoplasty & Lip Lift procedures were done the same day at Dr. Finger's surgery center in Bluffton, SC. I did not have any issues with the procedures & I'm very happy with my results. I would highly recommend Dr. Finger, his nurses, technicians, & his staff to everyone.

Thank you Dr. Finger & Staff

 by Theresa Schoonover
July 9th, 2020 by TS on Neograft Hair Transplant

March 6th, 2020 Hair Transplant

I recently went to Dr. Finger (Savannah Hair Restoration) for hair transplant due to my hair was thinning on top. He discuss this procedure thoroughly with me.
The procedure was done on March 6th, 2020 in the office with Dr. Finger, his nurse, & outstanding hair technicians. Recovery time was short. I haven't had any problems & I'm excited to see the new hair filling in. I wish I had done this years ago.

Thank you Dr. Finger & Staff

 by Becky

Love this skin care line! The difference in my skin was seen within the first month. I highly recommend using these products.

 by DJ
Love the Products

My skin looks rejuvenated since using the products!!!!

 by DH
Amazing Skin Care

This stuff is amazing. Used it for a short while and saw my skin tone and scarring from burns get much less noticeable. I highly recommend this skin care to men that are looking to get rid of scars and pigmentation issues.

 by Melony
The best

The best skin care line on the market.

 by Ellen
Aging Gracefully !!!

I have been using this skin care for 17 Years and my skin is above average for 47 thanks to New Youth and Dr.F
Love love this skin care developed by Dr. Finger.

Thanks so much

 by Chris F
Dr. Finger is amazing 5 Stars all the way

Amazing doctor! He did a lot of great, yet natural looking work (Blepharoplasty, breast implants, lipo, scar revision, skin care) on my fiancee and has been like a family member to her since she was 21. I get to see first hand why he is so awesome. I have been using New Youth Skin Care (developed by Dr.Finger) for 2 month, (I am a 45 year old african american male).

My skin has improved so much that people that know me have made comments about how great my skin looks. Mostly my under eye- circles and my pores have improved, not to forget the dark spots are fading away. She has been telling me to use the skin care for years, she is the same age and has been using it for years. I highly recommend this skin care for my complexion as well as olive skin, it has almost eliminated my her spots as well. (she is olive skin). We both look ten years younger and are super happy about the results.

Thanks to the genius Dr. F

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