Age Control Serum


1 fl oz. / 29ml


New Youth Age Control Serum is ideal for all skin types. This unique serum with MAP (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, a form of vitamin C) is designed to heal and preserve skin cells, reduce hyperpigmentation and reduce the appearance of premature aging of the skin. Applied to a clean face before any other product, Age Control Serum not only improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture but also increases the amount of moisture in the skin. MAP provides anti-oxidant benefits with increased collagen production, but without the irritation, then many see with vitamin C’s low pH level. Age Control Serum also includes thioctic acid, fennel seed, B complex vitamins an anti-glycation agent and other anti-oxidants. One of its ingredients, calcium, plays an important role in the buildup of outer skin tissue. This helps to manufacture protein and improves the integrity of the cell structure. Age Control Serum is a very powerful, well-absorbed and effective anti-oxidant product.

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