How To Use The New Youth Activator

How To Use The New Youth Activator

How To Use The New Youth Activator

We truly appreciate your buying and using the New Youth Treatment System, but here is a suggestion that I notice is necessary to relate.

Too often I ask a patient / client how they are using the New Youth Activator and the answer is; I put it on a cotton ball and wipe my face with it.

While we appreciate your using the product, we rather you use it properly to both get a better result and to not waste product.

The proper way to use Activator is to put a few drops on a cotton pad (not a ball) and scrub your face with it. This cleans debris from the pores, reduces abnormal pigmentation, fights acne breakouts and reduces inflammation.

The Activator is not a toner. It has clinically active ingredients which are important. In addition, it aids in the absortion of the ingredients in other New Youth products. These products were designed to be synergistic.

The first clue to the misuse is when a patient still has obious damages skin after using the products for a few months. An additional clue is when a patient says that the Activator is the first product that they run out of.

Use it correctly, and you will see the benefit very soon and save money as well.

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E. Ronald Finger MD, FACS