New Youth Activator Benefits

New Youth Activator Benefits

New Youth Activator I am sometimes amazed when a New Youth user says that they are not using the New Youth Activator. (This is usually prompted by my asking the question based upon the appearance of their skin). This is unfortunate, because Activator enhances the efficacy of all of the New Youth products and promotes healthy skin on its own. Ingredients include age spot reducers, anti-inflammatories, anti-virals and much more.

The following list of New Youth Activator ingredients and their functions makes the importance of the product more easily obvious:

  • Morus root (White Mulberry) — Bleacher native to China. Additionally, it is an anti-bacterial, antioxidant, anti-glycation agent
  • Arctostaphylos uva-ursi ( Bearberry) – bleacher, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory
  • Hamamelis (Witch hazel) – proanthacyanidins, sooths, moisturizes, tones, and is good for acne. Also anti-viral, bacterial and fungal, astringent
  • Tricholoma Metsutake extract (pine mushroom) – moisturizer, bleacher, lightener
  • Hydroquinone 2% – Bleacher, a phenolic compound (1,4 dihydroxybenzone), Inhibits oxidation of tyrosine, inhibits RNA and DNA synthesis in the melanocyte
  • Kojic acid – Bleacher, a hydrophilic fungal derivative. Inhibits tyrosinase. Best to be used at 2% with 10% glycolic acid and 2% HQ
  • Undaria pinnatifida – brown seaweed – anti-mutagenic, anti-inflammatory, the most commonly eaten seaweed in Japan, minerals, trace minerals, anti-oxidant, carotenes, anti-viral
  • Vaccinium myrtillus, a species of bilberry —  anthocyanoside, powerful anti-oxidant, good or bruising and capillary fragility, anti-inflammatory
  • Citrus Aurantium Dulcus (orange) – builds collagen, anti-inflammatory, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, soothing, promotes younger–looking skin
  • Citrus medica limonum (lemon) – cellulite, astringent, anti-septic

Each of the New Youth products is effective used alone, but they are designed to be synergistic. An analogy would be 2+2 = 5. It is powerful, however, and for initial users, once a day is enough. After becoming acclimated, graduate to twice a day. People with lots of age spots will benefit by putting Activator on a cotton pad and scrubbing their face after washing with the Cleanser. Using the New Youth Activator should be the second step in the New Youth program for both morning and night.











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