Fade Serum

New Youth Fade Serum for Age Spots

New Youth Fade Serum is one of many New Youth Cosmeceutical products and one of the seven products that make up the New Youth basic kit.

The Fade Serum is designed to reduce pigmentation age spots that occur secondary to excess sun exposure. This will give skin a more youthful clarity and color. It does contain “bleachers,” which are really pigment stabilizers. These include 2% hydroquinone (HQ), 2% Kojic acid, Bearberry, and Morus Alba root. The point of all of these ingredients that affect the production of melanin is that HQ can be kept at the non-prescription 2% level, and these ingredients work synergistically affecting much stronger strength HQ.

However, I was prompted to write this blog because of a trend that I have seen through the years. The trend is to purchase only the Fade Serum for treatment of age spots. While it will diminish age spots, it’s much more effective when it is used in combination with other New Youth products listed below, which were designed to work synergistically together.

For the best result specifically for age spots, Fade Serum should used with New Youth Activator and Retinol Silk, both of which have an effect on the melanocyte’s production of melanin. For best results, use them as follows:

Activator — place on a cotton pad (not a cotton ball) and scrub your face twice a day.

Fade Serum – after the Activator, use a few (3-4) drops for your entire face.Retinol Silk – once a day, in the evening, apply to the entire face as the last PM step.

A sun block should be added every morning after the Fade Serum. We suggest New Youth Moisturizing SPF 30, which also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients and anti-oxidants.

This will reduce or even eliminate pigmentation age spots very effectively. In keeping with the New Youth philosophy, New Youth Fade Serum also contains anti-inflammatories, very effective anti-oxidants, and whole food nutrients from rice bran.

For maximum anti-aging effects, the New Youth Basic kit can be used, which will also tighten the face and reduce wrinkles and sun damage.

Hope this explanation is helpful for those whose goal is to reduce those age-telling pigmentation spots.

E. Ronald Finger, MD, FACS

Savannah, GA





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E. Ronald Finger MD, FACS