Anti-Inflammatory Cream w/ Antioxidants



The anti-inflammatory cream was the first product in the New Youth line, fueled by Dr. Finger’s desire to address inflammation and its effects on the aging face. A true anti-aging complex, the anti-inflammatory cream contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, whole food nutrients, and vitamins, promoting cell repair and restoration with ingredients like cat’s claw, Russian black tea, marine algae extract, and Resveratrol. Patients will notice quickly their skin looking firmer, smoother, more radiant, healthier and more beautiful.

For all skin types. This is an exclusive cream designed to reduce inflammation, glycation, and free radical damage. These processes are results of poor skin health, smoking, high carbohydrate diets lacking in phytonutrients, excess ultraviolet damage, and genetics. These also make skin look old, pigmented, thin, and saggy.

This complex cream is a special combination of ingredients from the world over that are designed to minimize these most critical contributors to aging of the skin. Two of the many ingredients are carnosine and Russian black tea extract, which reduce the abnormal sugar-protein bond molecule (from glycation) that sticks to various protein molecules such as our elastic fibers causing saggy skin. With the ingredient marine algae extract, many phytonutrients are furnished to complete the various vitamin complexes, which are lacking both in our vitamins and diets. These are necessary for proper cellular function. Another key ingredient is squalene oil, which contains moisturizing agents found in cells of both plants and animals that help the glycolipids in the skin maintain proper barrier functions. This helps to prevent damage from free radicals and assists in maintaining the integrity and healthy appearance of the skin surface. Anti-inflammatory cream also contains thioctic acid, an antioxidant nearly 50 times more powerful than Vitamin C, which is soluble in both fat and water, and can penetrate into cells and the deepest layers of the skin. It is also an anti-inflammatory agent. Also present is fennel seed, which provides a layer of enzymatic protection against the destructiveness of various peroxides and other environmental stress factors such as UV exposure and tobacco smoke. Anti-inflammatory cream contains several anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as green tea extract, that reduce inflammation. Inflammation is at the core of all diseases from arteriosclerosis to diseases of the skin and cancer.

In summary, Anti-inflammatory cream has ingredients that can reduce cell damage from aging, which results in healthier, younger looking and feeling skin. The goal of New Youth products is toward skin health on a microscopic level, and healthy skin always looks better.

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