Retin A or Retinol Silk?

Retin A or Retinol Silk?

Retin A or Retinol Silk?

Retinol SilkI recently had a patient ask me to write her a prescription for Retin A, and she presently uses our skin treatment system, New Youth Cosmeceuticals. She also commented that the Retinol Silk did nothing for her. I then asked how she could tell. Her answer opened my eyes — and mind. She stated that there was no redness, irritation, or flaking. I realized that some people think these side effects are necessary to achieve positive results from skin rejuvenation products.

I then began to explain the purpose of the vitamin A analogs, like Retinol, Retin A, and retinyl palmitate. The benefits of these products are: increased collagen production, thicker epidermis and dermis, increased blood supply, and some lightening of pigmentation spots. The redness, inflammation, irritation and flaking are undesirable side effects.

We avoided these side effects with the New Youth Retinol Silk by microencapsulated the molecules which allows it to penetrate into the deeper dermis and also makes it timed-release. Retinol Silk, therefore, affects all of the dermis all day long with the above-mentioned benefits, and since it is diluted into deeper tissues and lasts longer, there is much less risk of the inflammatory side effects. Inflammation can generally be considered bad, contributing to everything from pimples to skin cancer.

The New Youth system works with anti-inflammatory ingredients, with nutrients that rejuvenate the cells that produce the skin, and with anti-glycation ingredients. This is why the skin texture and condition improves early, but it continues to regenerate the skin the longer you use it. And, unlike Retin A, which is only one nutrient, you can go into the sun while using New Youth Cosmeceuticals. New Youth has too may nutrients to count, such as those that protect and repair DNA, the cell membrane, the mitochondria.

It also contains whole food nutrients, and much more. When using the basic New Youth kit, occasionally one will see some inflammation initially, and in these situations, the instructions can be altered until the skin becomes healthy and more resistant. These instructions accompany the kit. In addition, you can always contact our office and ask for Anna or Virginia for detailed instructions. After all, the products are effective because they are strong, and skin comes with an unlimited range of damage and different degrees of sensitivities.

The bottom line is that irritation, redness and flaking are not necessary to restore the skin to youthful health and reduce the signs of aging.

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E. Ronald Finger MD, FACS