Dr. Finger’s Prescription to get the most out of New Youth Cosmeceuticals

Dr. Finger’s Prescription to get the most out of New Youth Cosmeceuticals

 When I see a patient and notice environmentally damaged skin, one of the first questions I ask is how they are taking care of their skin. Their answers sometimes amaze me.


A recent example was a patient of mine who was discussing the New Youth treatment system. She had used New Youth for over ten years, purchased the entire treatment system and yet was not using the Activator! The treatment products work best when used together, as they were designed synergistically.


The Activator softens the keratin layer to allow the ingredients in the products to be absorbed better, which makes them more effective. It also has mild bleachers, anti-inflammatories and anti-glycation ingredients. While each of the products has its individual value, when used together as a system, the benefits are magnified, like 2+2 equaling five.


I have had patients over the years say they use New Youth, but aren’t loyal to the line. When further inquiry is made, I find the patient may be using only the Cleanser, or maybe the Cleanser plus the night cream (Anti-Inflammatory Cream) or some other individual product. While they are benefiting, they are not coming even close to the results they could achieve if the entire System were used. That’s why we call it a treatment System. The ingredients, many of which are natural, are so numerous they are incompatible and couldn’t be put in a single product. Actually, they can be put in the same product, but the shelf life would be very short and many ingredients would be ineffective or less effective as a result.


It’s easy to spot a patient who isn’t using the system correctly; it’s obvious by a patient’s age spots, a sallow color, fine wrinkles, sun damage, and differences in skin color, large pores, and more. New Youth will make improvement in virtually everyone’s skin but occasionally tweaks to the regimen may need to take place due to a patient’s sensitivity or particularly resistant skin.


There are seven products in the basic New Youth kit; the first three steps are the same morning and night:

1. Cleanser – wash face with this to remove make-up and clean your face. Our medical aesthetician recommends washing twice in the evening to remove make-up

2. Activator – use on a cotton pad and put on face lightly or scrub your face with this, according to your skin sensitivity.

3. Fade – place a few drops on your face to reduce pigmentation spots.

 For the AM regimen add the following:

4. Age Control Serum – Apply a few drops to face after the Fade.

5. Moisturizer SPF 30 – This contains micronized zinc for UVA and UVB protection, thus the consistency is thicker than as standard moisturizer. Plus it contains anti-inflammatories for protections. Remember that a little goes a long way. If you get a white tint to your skin, you are using too much.

 PM regimen – add the following to the first three steps:

6. Anti-inflammatory Cream – filled with anti-aging ingredients

7. Retinol Silk – usually one capsule will cover the face and neck.


Once you get accustomed to the regimen, after washing the face it takes no more than a couple of extra minutes, and your benefits will be dramatic with few exceptions. Those exceptions may need to alter the products such as: reduce the Retinol to every other day initially if you are too sensitive; add Hydrating Serum if too dry; or add Personal Peel or the Microderm Scrub if you need a more vigorous treatment for those with severe sun damage or in smokers.

E. Ronald Finger, MD, FACS

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

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