The Logic Behind New Youth Cosmeceuticals®

The Logic Behind New Youth Cosmeceuticals®

Skin Rejuvenation is possible with New Youth Skin Care 

What happens to the skin with aging and why?

To answer the “why,” it’s easiest to think of the skin as a product of the underlying cells. If the cells are healthy, the skin will be healthy. These cells are affected by the numerous hazards of life: ultraviolet light of the sun, smoking, a poor diet, and general poor life habits.

Common Skin Issues 

  1. Thin and fragile
  2. Wrinkled
  3. Sagging
  4. Age spots
  5. Pigmentation spots
  6. Skin cancer
  7. Pale, yellow color
  8. Loss of clarity

Everyday Sun Exposure Causes Skin Damage 

For an excellent demonstration of this, simply look at the inside of your arm as compared to the outside. Look at any part of your body not exposed to excess sunlight and compare it to the areas that get sunlight. Compare a smoker’s face to that of a non-smoker. The difference is usually dramatic, demonstrated in identical twins, one of whom gets exposed to excessive sunlight or smokes cigarettes. The fact is that skin cancers rarely occur in unexposed areas of the body, and that includes the dreaded melanoma.

Why New Youth Skin Care? 

 "Plastic Surgery is an Art Form. I am a Physician and an Artist. The Bonus is making people HAPPY WITH THEMSELVES." ~ Dr. Ron Finger

“Plastic Surgery is an Art Form. I am a Physician and an Artist. The Bonus is making people HAPPY WITH THEMSELVES.” ~ Dr. Ron Finger

There are a few select exclusive skincare systems and Cosmeceutical brands that work. One of them was developed by Dr. E. Ronald Finger. Dr. Finger is a world-renown Plastic Surgeon located in Savannah Georgia.  In the late 90’s he decided that it was time to research how to best attack the root cause of the aging skin and find a solution to reverse environmental damage on a cellular level.  After long research and debates with the best Bio-chemists in the USA, he proceeded to develop New Youth Skin Care. (New Youth Cosmeceuticals). After 20 + Years this Skin Care System is still popular among patients and various vendors. New Youth Cosmeceuticals are also available online.

 with regimens of products that are developed specifically to address the foundation of the problem, the cells. Think of a child’s cells like grapes and an adult’s cells like raisins. The damaged skin causes the cell contents to “leak out,” along with other adverse effects such as mutations in our DNA, the blueprint for our bodies function. We eventually become mutants of our former selves. Systemically this results in chronic diseases, rapid aging, and even cancer.Everyday Exposures Such as too much Sun cause major damage to the skin

A Healthy Lifestyle Means Healthy Skin

It would require volumes to address this subject. The bottom line is that healthy habits result in better health. We recommend eating minimal simple carbohydrates; sugars, potatoes, pasta, white bread, and most things white, lean meats, skinless fish, and lots of bright-colored vegetables. Our skin usually reflects our underlying health. When eating bread, make sure it is whole grain. It has more fiber and nutrients. Generally, 1/3 of your plate should be lean protein and 2/3 vegetables and/or fruits. Regarding vegetables, consume the various colors, “eat the rainbow,” to take advantage of all of the different nutrients for longevity.

Stay away from the low-fat diets. Usually, this means that they are high in simple carbohydrates. Stay away from all trans-fats and keep saturated fats to a minimum. Fats do not make you fat. Unsaturated fats are necessary. Inadequate Omega-3 fat intake, a type of unsaturated fat, results in chronic diseases as w ell as dementia. The proper ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio is about 1to 1. In the USA, the ratio is more like 20 to 1, causing many of our chronic diseases, inflammation, and dementia.

Everyone knows that some exercising is necessary. I look upon taking nutrients as supplements are essential to assure total nutrient intake, including supplemental Omega-3 fats and whole food vitamins.

Focus on the Damaged Skin by Treating the Cells 

For damaged skin specifically, products developed over the past 20 years address the foundation of aging – the cells. These Cosmeceuticals may have ingredients from the Orient to Russia and Brazil to repair certain adverse aspects of metabolism that result in aged cells. They should include numerous anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, anti-glycation agents (a cause of sagging skin), pigmentation stabilizers, and much more. The trend is toward cosmeceuticals. Meaning they are almost prescription strength, and geared toward damaged skin treatment and not just skincare. However, over-the-counter products can often exceed prescription creams if designed with synergistic ingredients.


repairing the damaged skin Cells starts with Cosmeceutical Skin Products and Living a healthy lifestyle

Skin Care Results Take Time and Persistence 

Remember that your damaged skin took many years to develop, so do not expect the repair to occur overnight. Products that are simply “peel and bleach” can give you visible results in a few days, but they are not anti-aging. I have seen several patients who have used only glycolic acid peels alone and who have developed skin cancers at unusually young ages. Peels remove our protective layers, so we would expect more sun exposure and thus more free radicals. Make sure you also use the anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory creams or serums to counteract these exposures.


Let us not forget to always use sunblocks as a routine in your regimen. My preference is one containing either zinc and/or titanium as they are actual mechanical blocks. If you are often exposed to the sun, use these every few hours or so for adequate protection.

These pointers about lifestyle and skin repair will make a favorable difference in your appearance as well as your general health, so get started toward better health and happiness.

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E. Ronald Finger MD, FACS