Why did we add Resveratrol to New Youth?

Why did we add Resveratrol to New Youth?

Many studies have been conducted on Resveratrol and its benefits, below are some of the promising results which have resulted:

1. A study done by the Dept. of Science and Technology at Ohio State University in 1997 found that Resveratrol was able to inhibit cancer cells from dividing on a cellular level, and it is the goal of New Youth to affect cellular level restoration. When taken by mouth, it also demonstrated that the estrogenic activity was able to prevent post-menopausal bone loss.

2. Using Resveratrol hairless mice that had herpes lesions were successfully treated at the Dept. of Microbiology-Immunology at NE Ohio University College of Medicine. It was also discovered that topical Resveratrol reduced skin cancer by as much as 98%.

3. Resveratrol is being hailed as the potential fountain of youth because taking Resveratrol regularly has been demonstrated to reduce and or reverse DNA mishaps and mutations, which is one of the key benefits of Resveratrol. Aging comes about when cells can no longer replicate cell DNA and thus begins the gradual decline of the body. An analogy would be copying a document repeatedly, which results in blurred copies. Resveratrol also stimulates the Sirtuin gene, which is our longevity gene. It has been discovered that Resveratrol reduces DNA mishaps by as much as an amazing 60%! Very impressive!

4. In Nov. of 2006, Dr Sinclair and Rafael De Cabo, did a study on middle aged mice and the findings were very encouraging. The Resveratrol group of mice lived up to 30% longer than the placebos.

Preserving our DNA, reducing the incidence of skin cancers, and turning on our Sirtuin genes, called the guardian of our cells, are reasons enough for the addition, but Resveratrol is also a wonderful nutrient and an excellent addition to our New Youth products.

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