Glycation causes aging


Glycation causes premature aging!

Glycation, What it is and Why it is important to know!

Let’s start by saying that when you die, it will probably be from glycation. Now that I have your attention, what is it and how can we slow it down or even stop it. The proper nomenclature is glycosylation.

Glycation causes aging

Too much sugar intake can cause Glycation in the body, which ultimately could kill you. Reducing your intake of foods with a high glycemic index can greatly increase your body’s ability to utilize anti-aging products and natural healing, such as a good diet.

Glycation is a process whereby a sugar molecule binds very firmly to a protein molecule. This makes a sticky honey-like substance that circulates in your system and sticks to various large things such as collagen, elastin, hemoglobin, immunoglobulins, enzymes, and virtually everything. This is like putting sugar in your gas tank. It gums everything up, and it will stop both your car and your body. Diabetics have lots of the glycation molecules, called Advanced Glycation End Products (prophetically AGEs), and most will die from small blood vessel diseases. Examples are heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease, and anything affected by the hardening of the arteries. Cataracts are another example but don’t kill you. Also. since it affects your elastin fibers, it makes everything sag. All in all, glycation is a nightmare process that degrades important body tissues and to minimize aging these effects must be dramatically reduced. 

How can you eat Healthier  to prevent Glycation 

Since glycation is a bond between sugar and protein, the first logical thing you can do is limit your intake of simple carbohydrates like desserts, bread, white potatoes, white rice, pasta, and certain sweet fruits. You can find more foods that elevate your blood sugar and cohere to your lifestyle on the internet.

In addition, rapidly cooked foods cause glycation. Fried foods are probably the worst, and anything cooked at over 250ᴼ F causes glycation. Slow cooking, steaming, simmering and stewing to prepare food are best. When possible, raw is better yet.

A proper diet is best, but what supplements are helpful in reducing glycation? The best known is a combination of two peptides called Carnosine. These are usually taken orally in a 500 mg capsule and is known to slow the glycation process significantly. Another supplement is Benfotiamine. Carnosine added to an eye drop solution,(Bright Eyes) demonstrated to slow cataracts and in one study even reverse cataracts. If this is true, Carnosine is actually a bond breaker and should be a very effective anti-glycation agent.

New Youth Skin Care Products help Restore Damage and Protect from Glycation 

With all of the above in mind, and with me on a soapbox about glycation for two decades, Carnosine was added to New Youth Skin Treatment System many years ago, which explains why wrinkles are reduced as well as some sagging with the use of New Youth Skin Care.


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Glycation cannot be eliminated completely but can certainly be limited by eating healthy and using our skincare.


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